MOBILE Laser Tag?? ... WHAT?!

That's right! Incredible fun wherever you like! No need to be on someone else' schedule, be limited to what you eat, drink or play with. Bring the fun of real like sounds of battle right to your backyard, park of school.

When planning your next company event, or an outing with family or friends, you want to make it a memorable one. Something entertaining and meaningful. It is our goal to help you with that! We take the objective-based game-play of contemporary first-person shooter video games and combine it with an exciting, fast-paced physical activity to create a gaming experience unlike any other. Spend your special day on the battlefield at a park, in your own backyard, or even in your office and see what kind of Impact a well organized game can make.

When you think of laser tag, what is the first thing that pops into your head? Space age phazers, black lights, smoke and crazy music in the dark arena? The chaos of running around with no direction, shoot anything that moves? Now take those images and toss them. We deliver an experience of teamwork focused play that will leave you wanting to call us and play again and again. That’s right; we put you right in the middle of it. All that’s left is to challenge your peers, kids, friends and neighbors in a fun mission. Make new friends, build your family relationships, build your team to achieve victory objective, and make an impact on your legacy.

Check out our game modes and book your Impact Laser Tag experience today!

  • Laser Tag Free-for-all
    Family fun

Games Modes

Entertain the whole office with an outside the-box fun activity that helps build comradery, trust and cohesiveness between your team members. Bring your co-workers and associates to the battlefield and see them come out of their shells while going through an assortment of games that put tactical skills and teamwork to the test. With a variety of laser tag game modes available, you are sure to find the perfect scenario to fit your preferences. Our combat scenarios include the following games:

Team Battle Capture the Flag Domination Tug of War Free-4-All Lock Down 5-Flag Domination Infection Surge Pole Position King of the Hill Capture the Cube VIP

We have a passion for strong bonds and believe that making the world a better place starts with the family. Each family deserves to laugh and make memories that last forever. While enjoying a one-of-a-kind live gaming experience, family members can also gain a valuable opportunity to hone their communication and teamwork skills. Our hope is that with each party we bring together, we can help families stay strong by accentuating the qualities they already possess.

Bring Laser Tag to Your Next Group Event

Turn your next event into an action-packed fun where participants will have to run, duck, dive, and barrel roll to be the last marksman standing. Unlike traditional laser tag arcades, when you call us, we bring the fun to your location; there’s no waiting in lines for a chance to play. We come straight to you. Play as many games as you’d like within the booked time frame, without the hassle of waiting. Be sure to ask our team members about our various specials. We proudly offer specials for father-son parties, couples, non-profit organizations looking for a fun, high-energy experience that’s entertaining for everyone involved. Book your next event and enjoy a game fit for all players of your group.

Contact us for a unique, real-life gaming experience. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers in Boerne, San Antonio and surrounding Hill Country.